Pecan Creek Ranch

Dr. Taylor is Psychiatrist working with Pecan Creek Ranch (PCR), a facility in Georgetown, TX dedicated to transforming relationships between individuals, families, communities and organizations of all sizes to unlock a world of joy, worthiness, love, healing, and untapped potential for all.

Pecan Creek Ranch (PCR) offers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for adults and children ages 3-18, and provides individual, family, and couples therapy. PCR utilizes Natural Lifemanship, a type of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy(TM) and an experiential treatment model in which children and adults engage in changing their behaviors as they occur during sessions.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help children and adults make changes in their lives when talk therapy isn’t enough.

In sessions children and adults:
  • take action
  • learn and practice new skills
  • challenge beliefs
  • try-on new behaviors and new ways of thinking
  • earn to apply principles of healthy relationships.

Through “doing”, individuals develop new skills, new ways of thinking, and new ways of being.

This journey begins with individuals learning how to develop a healthy, connected relationship with themselves and with a horse they choose.  While developing their friendship, individuals interact with their horse-friend the same way they do with others in their lives (which helps the PCR staff identify clients’ problems within themselves and with others).  PCR staff help individuals identify these patterns, and provide them opportunities to learn and practice new skills and new ways of relating to themselves and to others.  The same skills and principles that individuals learn in their relationship with their equine partner apply to human relationships.

What PCR’s Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program is and what it is not:

It is:

  • Focused on developing a relationship with a horse
  • working on changing the patterns in your relationships that are causing you problems
  • changing the way you view yourself & others                      
  • confronting and healing trauma and bad experiences in your life

It is NOT:

  • just hanging-out with a horse
  • grooming
  • riding  
  • petting

Benefits of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Understand the internal experiences
  • Increase ability to connect with yourself and others
  • Identify and change relationship patterns
  • Improve ability to relate to others
  • Increase capacity to effectively regulate emotions and calm the body
  • Practice setting effective boundaries /limits with others
  • Learn and practice principles that help develop healthy relationships
  • Actively build skills to develop trusting relationships
  • Be able to ask for and allow support from others
  • Increase mental flexibility

Is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Right for Me, my child or family?

If you answer yes to one or mor of the following questions, then IT IS for you.
  • Difficulty getting along with others?
  • Feeling that others take advantage of you?
  • Difficulty setting limits?
  • Difficulty regulating emotions?
  • Feeling on edge?
  • Feeling fearful or anxious?
  • Feeling irritable or angry?
  • Feeling worried about making mistakes?
  • Struggling with perfection?
  • Difficulty making decisions?
  • Performing poorly at work or in school?
  • Difficulty trusting others?
  • Feeling bad or worthless?
  • Difficulty maintaining friendships/relationships?