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I provide both therapy and medication management; having one provider who takes care of both can save time, money, and the frustration of having to repeat everything to different providers.

The eventual goal? For you to no longer need psychiatric care. It may sound counter-productive, but if you no longer need me, we’ve done a great job as a team! In the meantime, I will strive to limit medication use as much as possible.

Less is more...

Dr. Taylor strives to minimize use of medications.

Become proactive!

Improve communication skills!

Take control

Both medication management and psychotherapy are offered.

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What patients say...

Recommend Dr. Taylor highly!!! I’ve had several prior therapists and psychiatrists keep the same diagnoses as my first eval (when I was a teen)… but Dr. Taylor took the time to investigate, and came up with a diagnosis and treatment plan which actually made sense to me. He’s the first doctor (not just psychiatrist, but ANY doctor) to take the time to fully explain medications, treatment options, and my diagnosis. Super nice guy, and his office is really cool, too!
Best Psychiatrist !! Finally found what i was looking for more than 10 years. Dr. Taylor is a Brilliant Doctor, caring clinician, all-around excellent person. Very confident and extremely competent, when you’re Dr. Taylor’s patient you are always in great hands. Always listens to his patients and always has their best interests at heart. Very trustworthy and diligent. Best Psychiatrist in TEXAS.I’d highly recommend her to anyone.Thank you Dr. Taylor!!!!!
I don’t even know where to begin with all the great things I can share about Dr. Taylor! First, he met me afterhours to pick up paperwork for a rather rushed appointment that we needed for my daughter. Secondly, he was attentive to the needs of my daughter & our family & gave her the help she needed! knowing that there were issues between my daughter & I that I needed to address I became Dr. Taylor’s patient also. I have seen nothing less than spectacular results from his care!
I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor as he is really good at what he does. He is well trained and very easy to talk to. He made me feel comfortable from the very first visit. He helped me with some anxiety issues that were disrupting my life. He truly cared about my problem and helped me. My career is in Medical Practice Management and I know and have seen many physicians professionally through my work. I would rate him at the top.